Getting through the probate process after the death of a loved one can be tricky, learn about probate court and how to avoid it by checking out the latest blog from Citadel Law Corporation.
Creating and accessing trusts can be complicated. Your loved ones intended the trust to be for their beneficiaries, family members and descendants. Unfortunately, some of the details may be forgotten during the decedent's life.
Anyone who has experienced probate court knows how annoying and tiring it can be. If you do not have an estate plan, then your descendants and beneficiaries will have to wait for the property to go through probate before it can be distributed.
There's an old saying that a lawyer who represents himself or herself has a fool for a client, and that's especially true in criminal cases and civil cases where lots of assets are involved.
Because of the complicated paperwork and waiting periods imposed by law, a typical probate cakes up co a year or more, often much more. (I once worked in a law office chat was profitably entering its seventh year of handling a probate...
The most flexible and complete probate-avoidance method is, undoubtedly, the living trust. However, there are a number of other effective methods, some of which are quite easy and inexpensive to use.

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