Orange County LLC Attorneys

Orange County LLC Attorneys

What is an LLC? A limited liability company (LLC) is a legal business entity that provides the owners with liability protection comparable to that provided by a corporation but with fewer corporate formalities. Limited liability companies have one or members who may be individuals, partnerships, limited partnerships, trusts, estates, corporations, other limited liability companies, or other business entities. In most cases, the members of a limited liability corporation are not personally liable for debts, obligations, or liabilities of the LLC. If you are forming an LLC, or if you need assistance regarding a legal dispute or any matter of business law, speak at once with an experienced Orange County LLC attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation. Learn more about Business Entity.


In California, an LLC can be established to engage in almost all types of business except those requiring a professional license. While you are not compelled by law to have an attorney help you form an LLC, it is imperative that when you are setting up an LLC, the company is formed properly. Taking a shortcut now could cause a financially catastrophic surprise in the future, so be certain to retain the help of an experienced Orange County LLC attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation. A limited liability company offers maximum management flexibility. It can be member-managed or managers can be hired. A corporate-style management structure may be implemented, with officers and managers who act as a board of directors. An LLC company is somewhat less formal than a corporation. For example, a limited liability company is not usually required to conduct annual meetings or to retain corporate minutes.


The LLC attorneys at the Citadel Law Corporation offer business and legal services that are designed to help the members of limited liability corporations. Whether you are creating an LLC, involved in a legal dispute, or simply need routine business-related legal advice, don’t hesitate to get the legal guidance you need. Contact an experienced Los Angeles County LLC lawyers at the Citadel Law Corporation to discuss your business-related legal needs.

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