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Retirement benefits and divorce

Retirement benefits and divorce

When you dissolve a marriage in the state of California, you must have reliable legal advice and representation from an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer who routinely handles the division and distribution of marital property, debts, and assets. Property division in a divorce can be an exceedingly complicated task, and of course, the more property and assets you own as a married couple, the lengthier and more complicated the process becomes. Marital property for most people includes substantially more than your house, vehicles, and bank accounts. In fact, marital property could also include your retirement account(s).

Protecting Your Retirement Benefits

If you are over fifty, and if you are divorcing in California, you must protect your retirement benefits. Women especially should know that among divorced women age 62 and older in this country, almost one-third live at or below the federal poverty line, according to researchers at Bowling Green State University. In the state of California, divorce courts require the fair and equitable division of all marital assets, and both spouses should know that only the part of a retirement plan earned during the marriage may be divided and distributed in a divorce in California.

Seeking Legal Counsel and Advocacy

If you are divorcing or considering divorce in southern California, you must have a reliable, experienced California divorce lawyer who will see to it that you are treated properly. Divorce is always difficult for all of the parties involved, but for divorcing spouses who are fifty or older, your future could quite literally be at risk in your divorce.

Consult an Experienced Orange County Divorce Lawyer

Let an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer help you by offering candid advice and vigorous advocacy on your behalf. In Orange County or anywhere else in the state of California, if you are divorcing, or if you simply have questions about divorce and need some sound legal advice, make the call to an experienced Orange County divorce lawyer as quickly as possible.