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A properly prepared living trust can transfer assets to your loved ones when you die, just like a will does, but unlike a will, a living trust does not go through probate court, thereby saving time and money and keeping your estate out of the public probate court system.  The attorneys at Citadel Law will make sure that your living trust reflects your personal values and priorities, and that when it comes time to distribute your estate, the right people that you have selected as successor trustees will be taking care of things privately and according to your personal instructions.  Some loving trusts are simple, and some must be more complex to protect the separate property interests or separate children or beneficiaries of either spouse.  Regardless of whether your needs are simple or complex, Citadel Law can provide the requisite experience necessary to design and structure a living trust that will meet your unique needs.

In addition preparing living trusts, Citadel Law Citadel Law Corporation provides other important estate planning services, including durable powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, wills andtrusts,  attorney certification, grant deeds to transfer your real estate, and related documents vital to the estate planning process.  Citadel also specializes in preparing

Many larger or more complex estate require additional advanced estate planning such as a dynasty or generation skipping rust, a private tax-exempt foundation, a charitable remainder trust, a grantor retained annuity trust, a some other type of advanced planning that will maximize control and minimize estate taxes over time.  If you have a complex or advanced estate planning need, Citadel Law has the necessary experience and perspective to assist you..

Establishing the right kind of business entity for your business is vitally important and could mean the difference between having reliable asset protection and needlessly losing your assets to creditors.  In addition to creating a creditor shield and protecting your personal assets from creditors, having a corporation or limited liability company can also reduce your taxes.  Citadel Law can assist you in establishing the right kind of business entity for your business.  Or, if you have an existing business, Citadel Law can help you with business related issues, such as transferring the business to your living trust, or creating a business succession program, or establishing a buy-sell agreement.

Citadel has in depth experience in handling complex trust and probate litigation.  When a person dies without a living trust, or if someone failed to properly title their assets in the name of their living trust during their lifetime, then a probate may be necessary upon that person’s death in order to transfer title to certain assets to the desired beneficiaries.  Citadel Law can expedite the probate petition for the estate of any individual who died with a will, without a will, or with assets that were not properly funded into a living trust where the assets need to be probated in order to be distributed to the beneficiaries.  Citadel Law can also assist you with obtaining a conservatorship for a loved one who needs assistance in managing their affairs.

Citadel Law is also experienced in assisting clients with trust litigation issues, such as petitioning the court to remove a wayward trustee, or compelling a non-responsive trustee to make an accounting or to complete distributions to beneficiaries, or petitioning the court for trust instructions.  Citadel Law has also represented numerous clients in defending a trust, or in overturning improper trust provisions which were the subject of undue influence, fraud, mistake, lack of capacity or duress.  If you are a trustee or a beneficiary of a trust and you believe that a you need advanced assistance that might involve a probate or trust petition, please contact Citadel Law.

If you need assistance with managing or distributing a trust estate, or if you are a successor trustee or surviving spouse named as a successor trustee, Citadel Law can assist you with the fulfilling your responsibilities as successor trustee, with properly settling and managing the trust estate for the benefit of the named beneficiaries.  Citadel Law can assist you with understanding and completing your duties as a successor trustee, including locating and appraising trust assets, completing trust inventories and appraisals, completing trust accountings, coordinating the completion of tax returns, and sending out required notices to beneficiaries and related parties.  The attorneys at Citadel Law can also be effective mediators helping successor trustee resolve issues and conflict with beneficiaries and sometimes with other co-trustees.  If you are a fiduciary, trustee, or personal representative of an estate an require assistance with fulfilling your duties as described by the trust, the court and the California Probate Code, please contact Citadel Law Corporation.  Our expert advice and legal assistance can help insure that you have properly fulfilled your duties as we help you expedite the management, settlement and distribution of the

If you’re considering getting married, Citadel Law can assist in organizing your assets with a pre-marital agreement in a timely manner before you tie the knot.  Even a well drafted post-marital agreement can address similar needs and objectives that a couple may have after the marriage has already been finalized.  If your best and most healthy path forward is divorce, then Citadel Law can assist you with dissolution of your marriage, with child custody issues, and with spousal support issues.  Today’s modern family often has a twist, and Citadel Law can assist you with the legal issues required to protect your rights with respect to your assets and to any children you may have.  So, if you’re contemplating marriage or divorce, or if you need assistance regarding obtaining a guardianship, child support or spousal support, please contact the attorneys at Citadel Law.

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