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Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation

When you are a trustee, it’s important to try to resolve disputes with beneficiaries using alternative dispute resolution strategies, like mediation. However, when all of these methods fail, litigation may be the only way forward. You need attorneys who understand the seriousness of these disputes, and can determine when a dispute can be resolved through mediation, and when it must go to court. Consult with an Orange County estate litigation attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation, to discuss taking legal action to defend your rights.

Estate-related disputes can take the form of beneficiary disputes, disputes with adopted heirs, disputes with creditors, modifications of will and trust, will contests, allegations of trust abuse, and other issues. Litigation should never be the primary course of action when there is a dispute over the estate. However, in some cases, mediation may not work to resolve the dispute. In such cases, litigation is the only way forward.

You need expert representation on your side, when you are engaged in litigation with beneficiaries of the trust. Allegations against you may include breach of duty, and beneficiaries can accuse you of violating the responsibilities that were entrusted to you during the establishment of the trust. You may face allegations of abuse of the estate and its assets.

In all these cases, it’s important to have an attorney who has experience in estate litigation on your side.

The need for litigation can also arise over the contents of the will. Beneficiaries may clash with each other, and with the executor of the will. In fact, estate litigation is very frequently, the result of an improperly or an inaccurately planned will. When a will has failed to make things crystal clear, and has left enough room for maneuver, it results in disputes between beneficiaries, and very often, these disputes lead to court.

If you are considering the litigation route to resolve your estate- relate dispute, speak to an experienced Orange County estate planning lawyer at the Citadel Law Corporation. Our attorneys have more than 20 years of experience successfully representing individuals in the Orange County and Los Angeles region in estate litigation. Call 949-852-8181 to schedule an appointment with an Orange County estate litigation attorney at our firm today.

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