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Business Entities

Business Entities

Business and commercial law allows a business to be set up in a number of ways, and some structures are more complex than others. Commercial law errors made right at the inception process can spell disaster for your business and its chances for success. Seek experienced corporate business law counsel from an Orange County and Los Angeles business services attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation when you are starting a business. For more than twenty years, our California business lawyers have helped individuals in the Orange County region establish businesses with legal and commercial structures that are designed to promote their interests.

To start up a new business or obtain legal business advice, speak promptly to an Los Angeles County business services attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation they formed thousands business entities all over US.

Whether you are currently planning to start a new business or buy out an existing one, it is important not only to go through the procedures carefully, but also to plan in advance to ensure that your business has a solid foundation at least for the first few years. Mistakes at the establishment process can prove financially devastating for you. Speak to an experienced Orange County business attorney at our commercial law practice about the types of business organizations that we can help you with. Our Los Angeles County law firm is also available to existing businesses for advice and counsel regarding all aspects of corporate and commercial law. When beginning a business, you must decide what form of business entity to establish. Your form of business determines which income tax return form you have to file.


A C- Corporation is a corporation that is owned by shareholders. The corporation will have a Board of Directors responsible for making appropriate business decisions. A C- Corporation is treated as an independent entity. Owners of a C- Corporation will have limited liability, which means that they do not have any personal liability for any debts or loans that may be incurred by the corporation.


An S- Corporation is a corporation that complies with the tax requirements under Subchapter S of the Internal Revenue Code. Under that definition, a corporation that has up to 100 shareholders will enjoy all the advantages of incorporation, while also having the same tax obligations as a partnership.


More commonly known as an LLC, a limited liability company is a business organization that combines the taxation policies that apply to a partnership with the liability of a corporation. Owners of a Limited Liability Company are responsible for reporting any business profits or losses on their personal income tax returns. They also enjoy limited liability for business loans. Let an experienced Orange County business lawyer help you set up an LLC. More information about LLC Attorney in California.


A limited liability partnership is a business partnership in which the partners have restricted liability for another partner’s negligence or wrongdoing. This type of organization combines the elements of both corporations and partnerships. Let an experienced Orange County business attorney help you set up a limited liability partnership.

Sound legal advice is critical during the establishment of a business. To understand which of these types of organizational structures suit your company best, speak promptly to an Orange County business services attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation.

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