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Family Law

Family Law

The Orange County family law attorneys at the Citadel Law Corporation include expert family attorneys who bring to your case years of experience and extensive legal knowledge to help you resolve emotionally stressful family law matters. Whether it’s drafting a prenuptial agreement before your marriage or helping you protect your divorce rights or child custody rights, call a Beverly Hills family law attorney at our firm to help you navigate these sensitive issues. Our attorneys know that you’re going through an emotionally stressful time and that you need professional family legal services delivered in a personal manner.

When you’re dealing with a matter of family law like a legal divorce or the custody of children, it’s important to have expert family law services. These are emotional matters, and on your own, you’re likely to make the kind of mistakes that can jeopardize your interests. Seek expert legal representation by calling an experienced Orange County family law attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation.


California law allows you to file for divorce based on irreconcilable differences or incurable insanity. You don’t have to go to court to resolve issues in your divorce. Seek mediation or other alternative methods of dispute resolution before you consider a court trial.


Under California child custody laws, either the father or mother can be granted custody of the child. In determining who gets primary custody of the child, the court will prioritize the best interests of the child.


Under state law, child support payments are calculated based on a predetermined calculator, but in some cases, the court may decide to go against the guidelines and award higher or lower child support.


Prenuptial agreements help you define important matters related to the division of assets, child support payments, alimony payments, and other matters right before the marriage. Postnuptial agreements also help you fix potential problem areas in your marriage, but these agreements are signed after the marriage.


Even if the marriage has lasted less than 10 years, you may be eligible for spousal maintenance payments. Speak to a Orange Couty family lawyer about the alimony payments that you’re likely eligible for.


If you have chosen to live together before getting married, it is even more important to protect your interests in the form of a co-habitation agreement. In the absence of an agreement, you may find that many of the benefits that apply to a married couple do not apply to you.

For help with any family law-related issue, speak with an experienced Beverly Hills family lawyer at the Citadel Law Corporation. You will find that our attorneys are always ready to answer your calls promptly and respond to any concerns you may have. You will receive frequent updates about your case so that you can rest assured knowing that your matter is in safe hands.

Call (424) 239-6433 to discuss your case with a family lawyer at the Citadel Law Corporation.

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