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Starting an estate plan

Starting an estate plan

Estate planning does not need to be – and should not be – some morbid affair reserved for the final few days of life. The truth, however, is that appropriate estate planning can provide benefits while you’re still here as well as after you’re gone, and – especially if you have extensive assets or loved ones who depend on you – it’s only wise to put an estate plan in place as quickly as possible.

Begin the Estate Planning Process

But don’t do estate planning in haste. Proper estate planning requires careful deliberation, considerable paperwork, and extensive attention to detail. In southern California, you can obtain the estate planning help you need by arranging to consult as quickly as possible with an experienced Orange County estate planning lawyer.

Basic Recommendations to Get Started

Here are some basic recommendations to help you begin an estate plan:

  • Talk with your loved ones: It’s important to know who will raise your children or manage your affairs if you become incapacitated or pass away. You’ll have peace of mind, and those you trust will know what to do when the time comes.
  • Inventory your holdings: Even before speaking to an attorney, know what you have and know in your mind “who gets what.”
  • Consult an experienced Orange County estate planning lawyer: Whether you are a high-net worth individual or an average working person with a mortgage and a couple of kids, an estate planning attorney can help you make the right estate planning choices and avoid the common mistakes.

You should also understand that estate planning is not once-for-all-time. Circumstances change, and no one knows what life holds a decade or two in the future. You’ll be able to create an adjustable estate plan that can be modified as your life and wishes change. But don’t wait to get started. Talk with your loved ones, inventory your holdings, and consult promptly with an experienced Orange County estate planning lawyer.