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What is the role of the probate attorney?

What is the role of the probate attorney?

Probate is the legal process that decides how a decedent’s estate will be distributed. It can be a quite lengthy, complicated, and exasperating procedure. Most estate planning attorneys advise their clients to avoid probate if at all possible, otherwise the client’s estate will be supervised by the probate court. In southern California, if you are involved in a probate dispute, if you anticipate a probate dispute, or if you want to learn more about probate and your own estate planning options, arrange as quickly as possible to consult with an experienced Orange County probate attorney.

A probate lawyer provides legal assistance, advice, and services to the named or appointed executor, administrator, or personal representative in the handling of the decedent’s affairs. Together, the representative and the probate attorney see that applicable taxes and debts are paid and the remainder of the estate is distributed according to the decedent’s desires or under California probate laws. By working alongside an experienced probate attorney, an administrator or executor can ensure that documents are completed, deadlines are met, debts and taxes are paid, and that any probate misunderstandings, mistakes, or disputes are quickly and completely resolved.

Not all estates require probate. When probate isn’t required, assets can usually pass quickly and directly to beneficiaries. Property in a trust, for instance, is distributed according to the terms of the trust. Annuities, life insurance policies, IRAs, and several other types of holdings also pass directly to the beneficiaries. However, if a property is individually owned, a title change will usually have to go to probate, and an experienced probate lawyer’s advice and services will be needed. An estate planning and probate attorney can help you determine in advance how to ensure that your wishes are carried out as completely and precisely as possible. In southern California, you can take all of your estate planning and probate concerns and questions to an experienced Orange County probate attorney, and you can get the answers you need. If your loved ones depend on you, make the call right away. We wrote what you should know about probate link.