Buy – Sell Agreements

Buy – Sell Agreements

What is a buy-sell agreement? A buy-sell agreement provides specific protocols and methods for determining an owner’s interest in the business at the time of a sale agreement. In other words, any business owned by two or more persons should have a very precisely worded buy-sell (or legally bound) agreement to protect everyone’s interests.

Is your business prepared for any possible legal regulations that may occur in the future? If so, consider educating yourself on buy-sell agreements and how the attorneys at Citadel Law Corporation can help you draft one that protects your business’s interests.

Let the experienced attorneys at Citadel Law Corporation help you draft a professional buy-sell agreement that is most appropriate for you and your company’s co-owners. Therefore, if one owner passes away or can no longer be an active participant in running the company, we can help determine the legal logistics on who can sell, who can buy, and if worse comes to worse, what happens if one person needs to file for bankruptcy. Avoiding future legal disputes is key, and the team at Citadel Law Corporation can help prevent these types of messy affairs from happening.

The good news is, we have experience in drafting these important buy-sell agreements, which protect the needs of our clients, and will serve to represent your interests if an unfortunate legal dispute occurs in the future.

For more information, please contact our offices, which specializes in these types of buy-sell agreements, and the drafting of them. Call Citadel Law Corporation today at (800) 662-0882 to get started.

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