Certification of Trust Attorney

Certification of Trust Attorney

Establishment of a trust involves extensive documentation, and legalities. Failure to adhere to the legal protocols involved in trust establishment could be expensive for you. A Certification of Trustor a Certificate of Living Trust is a document that clearly proves to third parties the existence of the trust. Speak to an Orange County estate planning lawyer at the Citadel Law Corporation to discuss the establishment of your trust and the benefits of a Certification of Trust.

Need for a Certificate of Trust

Your complete trust document is likely to be several pages long. When you are required to provide proof of the trust, you don’t have to hand over the entire document. You can can simply hand over a single document called a Certificate of Trust, instead of handing over the entire document that can easily run into a couple of dozen pages or more.

Your Orange County certification of trust attorney will create a Certificate of Trust at the time of establishment of the trust. The Certificate of Trust will be required when you have to provide third parties with information about the living trust link. For example, at the time of transfer of assets, you will be required to provide your bank, investment firm, brokerage firm, or any other party, with information about the revocable living trust. The Certification of Trust accomplishes this, and also confirms to any third party who is interested your authority to act on behalf of the trust.

Basically, you need A Certificate of Living Trust to provide interested parties with information about a Revocable living trust.

What does the Certification of Trust Contain?

The certification of trust will contain important details including the following:

  • The identities of the trustee
  • The trustee’s powers
  • The date of execution of the trust
  • The revocability or Irrevocability of the trust
  • Identification number of the trust
  • Description of real property, held in the trust

Your attorney will create a Certificate of Trust at the time of establishing the trust. Keep the Certificate of Trust in a safe place.

For help creating a revocable living trust , or for help with other aspects of estate and planning details, speak to an Los Angeles County certification of trust attorney at our firm. For more than 20 years, the Citadel Law Corporation has helped individuals in the Orange County and Los Angeles regions protect their assets through trust establishment. Call 949-852-8181 to discuss your trust with a lawyer today.

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