Co-Habitation Agreement Attorney

Co-Habitation Agreement Attorney

High divorce rates in the US have meant an increase in the number of people who choose to live together, either without any intention of marriage, or intending to marry somewhere down the line. When people choose to live together, or cohabit in this manner, they must realize that they are placing their assets and their finances at risk, unless they have clearly outlined the rules governing these issues in a cohabitation agreement. Failure to have these basics down in writing when you're living with a partner, can prove expensive down the line. Consult with a Beverly Hills co-habitation agreement attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation about drafting a cohabitation agreement that addresses all of your concerns and protects your interests.

A cohabitation agreement is very similar to a prenuptial agreement, and will clearly outline your obligations and responsibilities in the cohabitation arrangement. There are a number of issues that you need to outline right at the outset, to avoid conflict later.

Some of the questions that could arise when you live with a partner are the following.

  • What happens to the house if you choose to breakup?
  • Do you have any kind of financial support obligations towards your partner in case of a breakup?
  • What happens to your children in the event of a breakup?
  • Who has rights over end-of-life decisions in your care?
  • What happens if you pass away? Who has rights over your body?

Some of the answers to these questions may seem simple and obvious, but you may be surprised that your partner doesn't agree with you on these matters. Failure to answer these important answers could prove financially and emotionally devastating for you. While a married spouse will automatically have certain rights, a couple in a cohabitation agreement may not enjoy the very same rights and benefits.

Benefits of having a cohabitation agreement

  • It helps to clearly identify what happens to the assets that you own on your own, and own jointly with your partner.
  • It helps you protect your assets.
  • It helps you protect your rights to your children in the relationship.

There are certain issues that you may not be able to cover in your cohabitation agreement. To learn what you can include in your cohabitation agreement, or to draw up an agreement that safeguards your interests, speak to a Beverly Hills co-habitation agreement attorney at the Citadel law Corporation. Call 949-852-8181 to schedule an appointment with a family lawyer at our firm today. You'll find our attorneys ready to address your concerns.

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