HIPAA Attorney

HIPAA Attorney

HIPAA forms are release forms that will disclose your medical and healthcare related information to interested third parties. These are important legal document that can influence the kind of medical decisions that are made on your behalf.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, passed in 1996, aimed to protect individual healthcare and medical information. Under this law, healthcare providers are prohibited from releasing your medical information to third parties, unless you authorize them to do so, via a release form.

Need for HIPAA Authorization Forms

If you are severely ill and must be hospitalized, your family members may not receive detailed information about your condition from your medical care provider unless you have given him authorization to do so through a release form. Unless these forms are filed, that information is not available to your insurer.

Where can I get HIPAA Authorization Forms?

You can get HIPAA forms from your medical provider, or other healthcare facilities in California. There is no standard format for the forms, which often creates challenges. Make sure you get authorization forms from each doctor who is currently treating you. Make two copies of these forms-one for yourself, and one for a family member, preferably someone who already has durable power of attorney for your healthcare.

Even with these authorization forms, not all of your medical information will be disclosed. Certain conversations with your doctor, for example, may remain confidential.

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