Probate Petition

Probate Petition

There are complicated laws that apply to probate in California. An average layperson is not likely to understand the legal complexities of many of the laws and how they apply to his inheritance. Get professional legal guidance on probate-related matters from an Orange County probate petition attorney. The estate planning service at the Citadel Law Corporation comprises of experienced attorneys, who brings your case more than two decades of experience helping clients across Southern California deal with probate-related issues.

In order to kick start the probate process, you will first need to file a petition for probate. In California, the process for filing a petition for probate can include filing several documents.

These forms include:

  • Petition for Probate form pdf – Read each question in the form, and answer correctly. All questions must be answered.
  • Original will
  • Form DE-121 - Notice of Petition to administer the estate – This is the form that is used for publication in the newspaper, as well as to notify all the parties who must receive notice about the court hearing date. Complete the front side, and file with the Petition for Probate. The original will be retained by the Filing Clerk, and a copy will be given to you. Use the copy to publish notice to interested persons about the hearing date, as well as for newspaper publication.
  • The duties and liabilities of personal representative
  • Order for probate – Submit at least one copy of this form as well as the original to the court along with the other forms
  • Letters – This form serves as proof for anyone who wants evidence that you are the personal representative of the deceased’s estate
  • Proof of holographic instrument
  • Proof of subscribing witness
  • You only need to file the last two documents when you need to prove a will.
  • You must also provide notice to all the interested parties, and publish the notice in the local newspaper. File Proof of Service by Mail, and Proof of Publication.

Some of these forms can be very complicated to fill out. Remember, court personnel may not help you fill out the forms correctly. On your own, you’re likely to make mistakes.

For help preparing these forms, and filing a probate petition, speak with an Orange County probate petition attorney. Call 949-852-8181 to schedule an appointment with an attorney at the Citadel Law Corporation.

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